Thursday, March 24, 2011

March- leadership styles

In class we have been discussing many new topics. It think the topic of leadership styles is very interesting. Today we turned in the leadership style matrix that we completed. When I took the matrix test I was a team leader. It think that this is accurate. I also think that each person can change throughout their lives and move to different areas. I know when I was younger I was probably considered an authoritarian leader. As with other aspects of this class I also believe that people can change their style based on the situation or what type of group they are in.

The article we read had some different ideas as well. Discussing relational dialogue helped me to better understand what the article was trying to explain. We talked about how not just one person might lead but that there might be a need for emergent leaders in different areas. I think this is true in many situations. Since we are all in many different groups throughout our day I believe we should all take this in to consideration. How do you think trusting and creditability relate to relational dialogue?